Friday, April 07, 2006

Seas, lakes, and bays ...

I finally got my 8" Starfinder out its moving-house crate and put it to use. After an hours recollimation from the rigours of moving I took a set of high resolution images and created this mosaic of the Heart of the moon - Sinus Medii, the Central Bay. If you were standing on the Lunar surface there the Earth would perpetually hang directly over your head ...

I'm pleased with the level of detail I captured in the Sinuous Rilles around Triesnecker (crater in the bottom left) and the change in contrast (and I guess composition) where Mare Tranquilitatis (bottom right) meets Mare Serenitatis (top right) around the large crater Plinius. Note also the collection of lakes (Lacus) in the upper center of the image - it doesn't take all that much to imaging they are dried up lake beds!


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