Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I have finally got around to processing part of the HGC7 set we received from the Faulkes team a while back. 2 sets of shots were taken to try to create a mosaic capturing the large angular size of HCG-7. This section shows HCG-7a (NGC192) and HCG-7d (NGC197), and the other section includes HCG-7b (NGC196), but we missed out on the face on spiral of HCG-7c (NGC201).

All the galaxies in this group are of similar magnitude and have been imaged before from Hubble, the NGC/IC project, and as part of the DSS plates. Yet again though, none of these images have captured the subtle detail we are able to get out of the Faulkes North CCD camera - even though the current camera is a lot less sensitive than the original CCD that was used for some of the earliest Hickson images we took. Never the less, it is fascinating to think that we may be the first people to actually see this detail within these galaxies.

Whilst Googling around for information on this Hickson object, I came across a rather useful Italian website on the Hickson Compact Galaxy groups here. Google will quite happily translate this page if Italian is not your forte! The sight contains links to the aforementioned images, as well as brightest component magnitudes - but these do not agree with other sources such as that of simbad (Note that Aladin records the galaxies by their NGC designation) I'm not sure who is right, but I think I'll go with Sinbad for now!

Processing of the image was performed using Iris, Pix Insight, and Photoshop from a set of 10 red and 10 green images (the 10 blue images were too noisy to use and hence why this one is not in colour).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know I'm racking my brains to work out why mine is so noisy in the blue to get any decent picture out of it and then I read your blog and find you had the same problem! Fiona

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